Use Lawsuit Financing For Auto Accident Lawsuits

Stanley was certainly at the wrong place and at the wrong time. He had been driving home from work using the normal route. While on the highway, the car in front of him suddenly swerved left resulting in a collision. As a result, Stanley was severely injured and was unable to report to work for two months.

Not only was his income affected, but he could barely afford to pay for his medical treatment.

He filed for a lawsuit through his personal injury lawyer against the reckless driver, so that he would be compensated for his lost income, medical fees and pain and suffering. Pending the lawsuit settlement, Stanley fell into a financial crisis and could not pay for rent. The legal expenses were mounting.

Because of his temporary loss of income and average credit rating, the bank declined his application for a loan.

The above is a familiar story that happens to many victims of auto accidents. People like Stanley file a lawsuit to be compensated for their loss resulting from the accident. But they end up in worse financial crisis due to the prolonged duration of the lawsuit. The loss of income, coupled with legal fees, medical fees, living expenses and critical bills, forces them to accept low ball settlements to shorten the lawsuit and get back to their normal lives.

Many people do not know that there is another option of financing or ‘loan’ for their lawsuits. This ‘loan’ does not involve the bank and is often called lawsuit loan or lawsuit financing.

Lawsuit financing is a cash advance from the lawsuit financing company, which allows the plaintiff to pay for their living expenses during the litigation. This lawsuit cash advance need not be repaid if the lawsuit is lost or abandoned. This means the cash advance need only be repaid with a fee if the plaintiff receives settlement from the lawsuit.

In addition, the conditions for applying for a lawsuit ‘loan’ are different from getting a bank loan. Lawsuit financing companies are not interested in your credit ratings or employment history. Instead, they review your case and advance you cash based on the likelihood of winning.

In most cases of auto accident injuries, the plaintiff would receive the settlement eventually. So, there should be no problems applying for a lawsuit cash advance.

Top 6 Advantages Of Student Loans

It is just a common myth that only the federal loans provided by the UK government are cheaper and easier to repay than the student finance options provided by the private direct lenders. However, if you see the APR and repayment modes, then you come to know that private student loans are the clear winner! Let’s have a quick look at the top 6 advantages of education funds offered by the direct lending companies:

Borrow Short-Term and Long-Term Funds

Whether you are looking for a big amount to complete the higher education course, or need short-term funds, to give just hostel and tuition fees; both options are easily available and you can access the required funds in less than 24 hours without facing any hurdles. You can ask the lender to transfer funds directly to your bank account or deliver to your doorstep.

No Documentation to Waste your Time

The time of a student is very precious and instead of taking stress about the cash, he should focus on studies. Direct lending companies know the importance of young generation in the development of the UK and hence they offer paper free student loans plans. You are not required to submit your last class mark sheet or the address proof.

Apply Online in Just 2 Minutes

You don’t have to bunk classes or take leaves from the college, just open your laptop or smartphone and apply for the student finance loans on any reliable direct lending website. You would need just 2 minutes to complete the online application procedure. No hard copies or soft copies are required.

Avail Funds with No Guarantor

Students don’t have a big network to arrange a guarantor. They are dedicated towards their studies and interact less with people. Arranging a guarantor is an embarrassing task for them as people are not ready to co-sign their application. They can easily access student education loans with no guarantor and no broker by applying to a reliable direct lender.

No Hurdle of Bad Credit History

Some students have bad credit issues due to pending credit card bills or some other reasons. Banks and conventional lending companies don’t entertain their funding requests. However, they can easily secure the cash by applying student loans to a bad-credit friendly lender. There are no hidden charges. You can compare various deals and grab the best one with the lowest APR.

Easy and Flexible Repayment Modes

Everybody knows that a student can’t repay funds during his education time. He doesn’t have a steady source of income. Direct lenders offer various student repayment plans that can be chosen as per comfort. You can either start repaying in installments from the next month or repay the total debt in instalments after completing your education.

Judge Some Facts Before Exchanging The Money

When you will go traveling, then you have to take the things, which you will need in that place. It is necessary because you will not get the facilities of your home there and you have to be prepared for every situation. But when the matter comes to the visiting of a foreign country, then apart from our excitement we have to think about the thing first is the money. As all of us know that there is variety in the currency of different place. So, we must take the proper currency of that place as we cannot do anything without it. There are some methods, by which you can exchange the money, like the banks, the ATMs or from some brokers.
The banks are the most reliable medium for exchanging the money. You can be assured by the fact that you will get the service authentically. They will systematically exchange the currency and you don’t have to think about it. You can also convert it from the banks of that place also. You will get the same reliable service. But as you are going to a public sector, then it will take some time and you have to wait for it. So, if you don’t have the time to wait there, then you will face difficulty by exchanging through the banks. The banks also charge high rates for converting the money, then it can be expensive for you.
You can take the money from the ATMs also. It is the most convenient medium for getting your cash, as you yourself will draw the money and you don’t have to depend on someone for this. So, you can take the money whenever you needed and it is the fastest service. But there I also the problem, as the ATMs charge a very high price for drawing the money. It will become more expensive for you as you have to pay more than the normal transaction. If you think that you will get the money at a time, then also it will not be safe for you to carry so much money to an unknown place. But with every transaction, you have to pay the charge.
When you will try to go some brokers for Cash Exchange, then it becomes easy for you as you can get the money by sitting at your home. You can do it by online and the agent will come to your home and will take the money from you and will also return it within the given time. It can be a suitable option for you as you don’t have to do anything for the exchanging the cash. But there also can be a problem as the matter is about your money, then you have to be a little careful and have to know about the broker and the agent, who will be the medium of transaction. If they are not reliable enough, then your money will not be safe enough. There is also the matter of the false currency as it has happened in the services like Australian Currency Exchange. So, be careful about every facet of exchanging your money so that you don’t have to waste your money in the wrong place.

Auto Accident Lawyer Defends Your Finances

When you leave your home, work, or social event you get into your car and you just go. You don’t think about what might happen that day. You drive defensively to prevent and avoid but there are conditions and other driver’s state of mind that contradict the smooth uneventful driving that you’ve experienced to date. The weather can make the road particularly slick, but that is why drivers are advised to move at lower speeds and drive with elevated caution during those times of the year. A large truck filled to the brim with canisters or construction materials may lose control and tip causing other cars to collide, but this is why drivers are advised not to tail those trucks under any conditions.

Yet, there are still moments when someone can fall asleep behind the wheel, they can be inebriated, or they can be distracted and cause you to be involved in an accident. And when a collision is clearly the fault of someone’s negligence you are definitely in need of the expertise of an auto accident lawyer. He or she is specialized in this area of personal injury so they can offer full attention to detail in these special cases. Although all accidents are different and their effects on either party is different, many circumstances of the defense and prosecution are similar, in that the accused will try to defend their actions or blame the victim for some part in the accident. It is the charge of the auto accident attorney to prove the accused party’s negligence with any traffic camera photos, nearby surveillance camera footage, eyewitness accounts and in any discrepancies between their client and the defendant’s statement as it relates to the police report filed in regards to this particular case.

An auto accident attorney can help you through both the medical and technical aspects of your ordeal. The cases aren’t just won in the courtroom in regards to determining the guilty party. They are also fought in regards to receiving the financial support for medical intervention for any injuries sustained during the accident, any damages to your property, and any loss of wages all of which would appear to be insurance and employment issues but they are all related to your accident. A back and forth negotiation or trial isn’t always required. In some cases the presence of an experienced auto accident attorney is enough to prompt speedy settlement in your case. So if you want to make sure that your rights are protected and you are compensated for your injuries and loss, an auto accident attorney or personal injury lawyer is a wise investment.

Personal Injury Lawyers and Discovering the Best Ones Locally

The last thing that you plan for when you leave the house for work in the morning, or get in your car to navigate the congested freeway on the way home, is an accident. If you are a careful driver and a responsible worker while you’re on the clock, you would assume that you would be safe while going about your day; however, this is not always the case. Accidents that cause injury and auto damage can happen at any time, and are often the result of negligence. If you think that you sustained injuries or damages as a result of someone else’s carelessness, you need to know how to choose a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio.

If you’re like most people, you probably appreciate your job, and don’t want to be known as the one making a fuss over an innocent accident, yet it’s essential that businesses are encouraged to hold up a high level of safety and accountability for their workers. If you have been injured because someone forgot to perform their job correctly, or because the employee of another company was driving irresponsibly, it’s important that you get the compensation to which you are entitled.

If you’re like most people, you watch the news on a regular basis, and you’ve probably gotten sick of hearing about the high climbing costs of health care. Hard working people all over the country are being forced to pay skyrocketing premiums that leave them with hardly any money to cover their regular needs. When you get hurt unexpectedly, it can spell disaster for your finances, and finding a San Antonio personal injury lawyer is the best way to exercise your rights and ensure that those responsible have to pay for their negligence.

Even though you walked away from the wreck, it doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t contact a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, just in case. It is common for even small car accidents to result in chronic pain or injuries that won’t show themselves for weeks or even months down the road. The insurance companies will be reluctant to cover injuries that can’t be visibly linked to the wreck and if you wait too long, you might ruin your chances of collecting compensation for your bills.

Those that are injured while only traveling through San Antonio might think that it’s alright to wait to find a personal injury lawyer when they get home, but this can also present its own complications. A San Antonio personal injury lawyer will have more experience with Texas insurance companies, the Texas court system, and the location where your injury occurred, and thus he or she will be able to put together a much stronger case for you.

There is no doubt that your insurance company, as well as the insurance company that is representing the other parties involved will be working with teams of lawyers to make sure that they don’t pay you one penny if they don’t have to, even if they were obviously at fault. Your best chance for getting the compensation that you deserve is to talk to a San Antonio personal injury lawyer today.

How To Save Money On Your Two Wheeler Insurance

Tips to save money on two wheeler insurance

Many people in India own two wheelers. It is compulsory for you to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy if you own a bike or a scooter. But can you reduce the insurance expenses? Sure you can! Just follow these tips and you will see a difference.

Avoid making smaller claims: Before you make a claim, see how much the bill amount is. If it is a small amount, pay it yourself. Making numerous small claims will unnecessarily bring down your NCB to zero which will overall lead to a loss.

Attach anti-theft devices: A car insurance plan offers protection against theft and other dangers to the car. So if the car is found to be safe and less susceptible to thefts and break-ins, the insurer will offer a discount on the premium. Therefore look to install some anti-theft devices to the car to not only keep it safe but also to reduce your insurance costs.

Be a good driver and earn No-claim bonus: Driving carefully will reduce the chances of your car getting into mishaps. This will reduce the need to make claims and you will earn NCB. The NCB will in-turn pull down your insurance premium costs.

Renew two-wheeler insurance before expiry: Do not wait for the two wheeler insurance policy to expire before you renew it. If you have a lapsed policy, you may need to pay some fees and fines to get a new plan. So always try to renew the policy on time to save money.

Buy online: It is known fact that insurance bought online is cheaper. So buy a two wheeler insurance plan online and save a considerable amount of money.

Choose the right kind of cover: If you have a two wheeler that you use occasionally or is almost on its way out, opt for a third party cover. If however your bike is used daily and is a valuable vehicle, go for a comprehensive plan. Knowing which cover you need will help you save money.

Deductibles: Every two wheeler insurance plan has a deductible component. This means that as the policyholder, you will have to pay certain amount at the time of a claim and the insurance provider will pay the rest. A high deductible will lower your premium costs and vice versa. If you are confident of your driving skills and feel you won’t need too many claims, opt for a higher deductible. This will help you save money on your two wheeler insurance plan.

Compare: Last but not the least, you most definitely need to compare the available car insurance plans to get the best deal at the best rate. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to save money on your bike insurance plan. Compare when you buy a new plan or renew an existing one.

Lead You To The Authentic Zone Of Money Transfer

If you have an international business and you have to move to many countries for the purpose it is the urgent requirement to find a reliable and efficient money transfer service. Business with any other country will require a resourceful money transfer. This transfer should be fast efficient and safe. Your trade shouldn’t be forced by the variation in exchange rates either. For all these reasons, it is prudent to take the assistance of International money transfer Services available. It will be better to find the reputed and quality one on the internet. It is an internet era and you get different types of information on the internet.
Process Involved
This service helps you find a provider that you are comfortable with. After you decide on the money exchange provider you will need to complete some forms. Once you have established contact, you will be informed about the rules, terms and conditions involved with a deal. Finally, you will be asked to complete some forms to set up your account. You can fix a standard rate for your exchange as well. The whole process is hassle free and once you learn how to go about it, the upcoming transactions will be smooth, effortless and quick.
Exchange Rates
When you wish the inexpensive currency transfer to be done, you should be careful about the rate you choose. With large amount of money a little change can make a big variation for your commerce. When you transfer your money to a bank, they will transfer it at a great exchange rate that you are happy with on the day you have mentioned. Exchange rates promised may differ between agencies that are why you should be careful while choosing one.
Staying in the circle
Most good free currency transfer companies will make sure you are kept in the circle about where your money is. When the transaction is being made, you will be sent a verification message and sometimes even a message. You will be consulted before and after the deal, which assures that nothing can go wrong with the deal. This feature gives you more control over your money.
Expediency and safety
Foreign Exchange is a very expedient way of sending money across countries. When you choose a reliable company, along with good customer service, you will also safer transferring your money. This service is as useful for the common man as it is for businesses. Having an overseas exchange agent working for you is an immense way of saving money. In some websites, you get to check the exchanging rates promised before you sign in to transfer money. This makes it easy for you to select the best in the record.
Currency Exchange near me, this thought is quite wise and intelligent as there is lower risk for the safety of your cash. If you are in Adelaide, you can find a good currency exchange company that has a strong team for a powerful deal of money transaction. A reputed and trustworthy company always offers the better rates and a higher security.

Top Five Intra Day Trading Tips To Become A Better Trader

In words of Warren Buffet The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. Let’s read between lines. The investor or trader who is impatient (frequent buy/sell strategy) transfers money to the patient (holding strategy).

Find below herewith five tips which should be followed by a day trader:

Take advice of professional trader

Before one starts day trading it is better to take advice from experienced and expert day trader trainer. Every trainer will have different teaching method and style. See for one who has good teaching method. He should also suit your trading style. They may be ready to teach in their free time. He may charge the fee. As he is spending his free time with you. But it is worth. You can assume that paid fee as an investment, which you need to get knowledge. They are the best share tip providers when you trade.

In future when you grow big, many newbies’s will come to get knowledge from you. At that time you can charge them likewise.

Gather information from financial news

One has to gather news from across the globe. Segregate relevant news, which affects your business. Analyze and set priority which news will most affect your business. Stay updated on news like meetings, change in government policies and rules. Local, national and international news should be followed.

M&A, financial results, entry/exit of members of BOD, etc. These types of related news of the company one have shares in, make sense.

Though the news does not impact a common man but may have an impact on your investment in the concerned company. This news helps to take a smarter decision, especially while trading shares. Through nifty future tips also one can gather information.

Treat trading as any other business

Take day-trading as any other business. It is not a hobby, but a serious business. It is not for fun that one is in day trading. Like any business, it needs devotion and dedication. Trading is a part. One has to devote a lot of time preparing a plan. Study different charts before coming to any conclusion. Follow news on TV, read business magazines, study reports etc. It is a full day activity.

Keep eye on professionals

One should study professionals. What they are buying, when they are selling. For how much time do they hold the script? Since they have experienced one can learn a lot by keeping eyes and ears open and mouth shut. If one makes mistakes, then analysis the mistake. What went wrong and where? You can find them in many share market advisory companies.


It needs time, energy and devotion to master the skills. As the old saying goes Rome was not built in a day It was destroyed and then rebuild. This process was repeated many times over. Even if one makes loss he has to get up again for a fight.

Traders do not profit all the time. Many a time they incur losses. So one has to be prepared for losses and have patience during the time of loss. Commodity tips are also helpful to know the market trends.

Today’s successful traders were also novice once in a while. They got success by their hard and smart work. They had put in their efforts, made mistakes, but kept up their learning process.

Top 5 Benefits Annuities Can Bring Except The Lifetime Income

Earning a consistent income in their retirement life is a major concern for the seniors approaching their retirement and many of them invest in different annuity insurance plans. These annuities help the insured to receive a guaranteed income for life protects from the fear of outliving their savings. Also, if a senior couple hasn’t saved enough or doesn’t have someone to support after their retirement, these policies help greatly to take care of their daily expenses and maintain a better lifestyle. However, the majority of seniors isn’t aware of all the benefits an annuity can bring. Most of them buy an annuity solely to receive a guaranteed income in their retirement life but the annuities have a lot to offer. Here, we are going to explain five more benefits of a retirement annuity plan that you might not be knowing.

Benefit to your loved ones

At times, seniors pay a long series of premiums to earn them back during their retirement but die at an early age without receiving the complete benefits. Many seniors die soon after their retirement and insurance providers keep their share of investment with themselves. But, the new additional feature allows transferring the benefits to the beneficiaries, if the insured dies early. Along with the immediate annuity plan, you can choose a guaranteed period of 10-20 years that are calculated since the time you start receiving the payments. If you opt for a 20-year guaranteed period with the annuities, your insurer will provide a series of payments for exact 20 years. You can name your spouse or kids as the beneficiary and they will receive the benefits for rest of the period, in case you die early.

Tax deferral on earnings

Most of the investments are applicable for state and federal taxes, but the investments such as interests, annuities, dividends and capital gains earn a tax-deferred status. These investments are tax-free until you withdraw the accumulated amount. The tax-deferral is similar to 401(k)s and IRAs, but there isn’t any limit on the amount and you can put any amount into the annuities that you assume enough to spend your retirement comfortably. Moreover, the minimum withdrawal criteria have more flexibility than that of to 401(k)s and IRAs.

Tax-free investment transfers

Market performs differently at a different time and an investment performing strong today may perform poorly after a certain period. Hence, investors keep transferring their investment amount form one to another fund and there are financial advisors to help with the same. Usually, these investment transfers or rebalancing are applicable for taxes but the annuity retirement plan has no such tax consequences. That means, you can rebalance your investments as per your financial advisor’s suggestion and you won’t have to pay any taxes on that.

Protection from lenders

People take different types of loans to match a better lifestyle and pay the due amount in installments. At times, people reach a stage where they only have the money enough to take care of their fundamental requirements and aren’t able to pay the loan installments. In such cases, if the lender files a lawsuit, they may lose the return on the investments made. Annuities insurance policies also help protect your investment return even if you can’t make the installments. Usually, the premiums you have made to your insurance provider, belongs to them and there are laws that restrict that money to be accessed by the lenders.

Variety of investment options

Insurers help the investors with a range of annuity options at retirement including the fixed and variable one. The first one credits a certain rate of interest on the amount you deposit while with the later, your money is invested in the stock or bonds like mutual funds and provide a return based on the market performance. Also, various insurance providers have introduced different types of floors that set a limit by which your investment value may not fall further. That means, if you have invested in a variable annuity, you return won’t fall below a certain value, despite the fluctuations in the market.

Introduction To Special Finance

Have you had trouble sleeping lately? Been watching any “trash TV” or late night infomercials? Then, without a doubt, you’ve been inundated with “Bad Credit Mania”. It seems like every time you turn your TV on, there’s somebody telling you that, regardless of how bad your credit may be, you can get approved for a loan, with no money down, for that beautiful high line import sports car, or how about that beautiful luxury SUV. And payments that are so low, you hardly have made them. Just come on in and they’ll send you home in the dream vehicle of your choice with no hassle.

If you’re an automobile dealer, or manager, you wonder how people can actually believe all this nonsense. No money down financing for bad credit customers is just another fantasy. But the dealership down the street is constantly flooded with ups, while your guys stand around drinking your coffee and littering your used car lot with their cigarette butts. Meanwhile, that other dealership seems to be busy all day and night…why, they still have ups on the lot when you’re getting ready to close.

If this sounds like your dealership, then you probably never heard of Special Finance. Maybe you have, but you’ve also heard all the horror stories that go along with it. The “skuzzy “customers, their trashed trade-ins, bad down payment checks, and all the lies they tell to try and get approved for a loan. And the banks, oh the banks you have to deal with for these people. They take forever to fund a deal, if indeed the deal gets funded at all. Seems like the only guy to make any money on these deals is your “repo-man,” if he can find these people and get your car back! Why would anyone in their right mind want to subject themselves to this kind of aggravation?

But what if I could show you that, by ignoring these customers, you effectively eliminate up to half the customers within a 30 mile radius of your dealership. Imagine that over 50% of the people living around your dealership suddenly pack up and move overnight. Would you even have built it there in the first place? Probably not, but since you’re already there, why would you even think of excluding these folks from your dealership? Contrary to what you might think, this aspect of the business can be both profitable and clean, and these customers prove themselves time and again to be some of your most loyal customers ever. They regard you and your dealership as a friend who helped them out during some tough times, and will refer friends and family with great vigor, especially those in the same circumstances. They will service their vehicles at your service department, and will take advantage of your body shop if you have one. They will come back time and again and will continue to do business with your dealership for as long as you’ll let them. They are without doubt the best word of mouth advertising you can get!

So, who is your store in the grand scheme of dealerships? Do you openly embrace sub-prime customers, and make this business your main objective? Do your people run for cover when a special finance customer hits the lot, knowing that your F&I department has no interest in these customers. Do you dabble on the outskirts of special finance, doing only those deals which require little effort?

Research shows that, when it comes to Sub-prime or Special Finance (SFI), dealerships traditionally fall in to on of four categories. We like to call it “The Dealership Four Square”:

The Bold Dealership is just that. He’s known as the special finance king. All his advertising dollars go towards the sub prime market, and you can pretty well surmise that anyone driving one of his cars probably has a credit problem. The dealership caters to sub-prime business, and as such, good credit customers may be reluctant to go there. If a 750 beacon walks in the door, he probably made a wrong turn!

The Enthusiastic Dealership is willing to do Special Finance, but is typically not ready There is no pro-active marketing for Special Finance , thus the limited business is generated from , lot traffic,” Get ME Dones” and primary F&I turn downs. The F& I Turndowns are typical when the Sales Desk has a strong deal on a vehicle and is delivered to the customer on the Sales Desk’s “OK to SPOT”. These deals have been shopped to every primary lender with no success. It is at this point (often two days later) that the Special Finance Manager gets the deal and is left with the task of salvaging a deal that was never handled properly from the beginning. These stores see the potential for sub-prime but can’t figure out how the store down the street can deliver all their turn downs. They tend to take only the easy deals, and those that require some work usually get let out after the initial round of rejections.

The Necessary Dealership does Special Finance, but not consciously. The F&I manager knows something about sub-prime, and can get a deal approved with some effort. His pay plan typically does not compensate him sub-prime, so he pays little attention to it. His attitude regarding special finance is that these customers don’t deserve a loan, but when he gets them approved, he is the BEST! This dealership is concerned with the image that Sub Prime can conjure up. This dealership is not interested in the being known as a “Sub Prime Dealer”, and does not want to jeopardize his current customer relationships. This dealer is only interested in Sub prime if it could be done with only the banker knowing!

The Unwilling Dealership has no desire to be in the sub-prime business. This store is usually one of the top dealerships in the market, selling hundreds of vehicles a month. Most of his financing goes through his captive source, and they tend to buy so deep, many of what would be considered sub-prime at another store get done as primary in this store. Management’s philosophy regarding sub-prime is that it’s simply not worth the headaches, and the few extra deals a month do not make up for the previous nightmares that this store may have experienced.

What category does your dealership fall into?


You may already be in the Special Finance business and don’t even know it. If your F&I department is that good, you don’t hear a lot of complaining about the deal that couldn’t get bought. While it’s highly unlikely that your staff closes every customer that walks on your lot, odds are that you are probably selling some of these sub-prime customers to your primary sources. But we live in a world of maximums and super sizes, so why not have both on these deals?

We know that over 50% of the population surrounding your dealership has some kind of credit impairment. Why would you want to exclude that many potential buyers from your dealership? Even if you’re a mega-dealer doing hundreds of units a month, wouldn’t it be nice to have another 25 to 50 sales on top of what your already doing? Keep in mind that we’re not talking about abandoning the business you already have, but expanding it.

Remember, special finance customers aren’t just the ones who sit home and watch Jerry Springer all day, trying to figure out where they can cash their next welfare or unemployment check. They may be doctors or lawyers or any other professional who have just had a bit of bad luck. As the saying goes, “Bad things happen to good people.” These customers want to do business with a professional, not some fly-by-night operation they pass along the way. Additionally, these customers will provide additional business for your parts, service and body shop. And the referral business they can bring could be well worth it within the long run.

Remember, when everyone else is saying how bad business is, the quality of the customers coming into your dealership hasn’t changed, it’s the circumstances these people face that is different

1.The subprime mortgage crisis effects the your subprime customers the most!. Many of them are “victims” of these subprime mortgage loans and are unsure of what their mortgage payment will be when their rate goes up!
2.These same people that were banking on the equity in their home continuing to rise and many took out equity lines or second mortgages and now don’t have the equity left to support these loans.
3.The housing market is down, and many of the people who work in it are feeling the pain. The construction worker, carpenter, framer, electrician, plumber, etc. all were riding high when the new housing market was in full swing. Now, many of them, if they are still employed, have gone from 70-80 hour weeks making big overtime to 40 or less hours a week with no overtime. Income is way off, so many of them don’t have down payments available.

Remind yourself that now is when you can really shine. Most finance guys would walk away from this market because it’s too hard to do the business. Don’t be one of them.